Emily, First

Compare Emily's features to ours. What do you think? Who does she resemble more? I can't find an easy poll feature and don't have time to find the code this morning. So start with this. Joe is first, then Emily, then Heidi. What do you think?


ps. The formatting limitations of using a standard Blog site are never more clear than when I try to work with photos.


Chris said...

Strangely, I think that Heidi & Joe's ears look more like each other than Emily's. No vote there.
Eyes: Joe.
Nose: Slightly Heidi.
Mouth: Joe.

Lisa said...

I was really surprised to see Chris's read on the ears. I think Emily's are quite the blend of the Heidi & Joe, but lean toward Joe because of the space between the top and the highest ridge.

Eyes: Joe
Nose: Heidi
Mouth: Anyone's guess.

kschierer said...

Ears are really a mix of both
Eyes: Joe's shape but heidi's color
Nose: slightly Joe, but really hard to tell
Mouth: Joe

Rene' said...

Hmmm...I think that Chris is right on the ears! The only thing that the "girls" have in common is that bling!

Eyes: Neither...maybe a little Joe? Not sure.

Nose: A blend of both!

Mouth: JOE!