Thank a Vet

My school just finished its annual Veterans Day commeration assembly. Local area vets are invited to attend. The students sing songs, the band performs, and there are readings about the creation of Veterans Day, Arlington National Cemetary, etc.

The veterans themselves speak about their remembrances. At the very end they have a moment of silence and Taps is played.

I choked up a bit. I miss my Grandpas. Veteran-y stuff makes me think of my Grandpa Schierer, in particular. Anytime I'm at a funeral where Taps is played, I pretty much fall apart, thinking of him and his funeral.

The year before and after Grandpa dying was a really rough period for me. Much of which was completely unrelated to him, but it didn't help me deal with losing him and/or losing him didn't help with me dealing with the rest of my life at the time.

But that's a whole 'nother blog post. Not necessarily something to share.


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