Here We Go

I think this was all a series of scenes dreamed between 6am and 7am. It was one of those situations where there's just a disjointed scene or three with a few moments each, but somehow in my mind as a participant in the dream, I knew all the backstory and complex issues involved in each scene.

And in all of them I had a broken clavicle. My left one. And I had one of those bulky neck/chest/shoulder casts on that side. Which I don't even think they do for that particular injury. I don't know how I broke it, but I recently had a conversation with someone about my somewhat serious June 2006 car accident, and they marveled that I hadn't broken anything ... so there you go, maybe my subconscious broke my clavicle in a car accident.

I don't really remember all the scenes in order or great detail, there were at least six or seven. But here are a few I do remember.

One scene -- I was in my old high school, walking down the hall between classes, past Mr. Milligan's room. I saw a few of my high school friends, but they all appeared roughly as they are now, not as they were then. Several of my college friends were there in the hall, too. And we were all in college together. I peeked into Mr. Milligan's room and Joe* was there, wearing a somewhat odd-looking suit (like the way the future clothes in Back to the Future looked, not specifically "wrong", but different somehow from our normal clothes). I asked him about his exam (true part, he has his first exam in his math Ph.D. courses at Drexel today). He shrugged and said he thought he'd done all right.

Another scene -- I was trying to catch up with Tony (those who don't know Tony, I can't possibly explain here the complicated subconscious ramifications of his presence in my dreams, and for those who do (or did) know him, well, you already understand how loaded that topic is likely to be, psychologically). We were still in the same school situation, but it was a different day, I think. Still with the cast on my shoulder/neck. I kept seeing him just a few people in front of me, and called out to him, but he either didn't hear me or ignored me (not going to go there). For some reason it was important that I talk to him and not just that I wanted to talk to him.

Another (definitely the most inexplicable) scene -- I was visiting a Chinese whorehouse** (not as a customer, but more as a cultural curiosity thing). They were sort of like slightly sleazy geisha (yes, I know geisha are Japanese, but I "knew" I was in China). The proprietor (not quite a pimp, more like a manager) was totally ripping them off, lying about the take each night, etc. I sort of preached a somewhat liberating feminist lesson to them, and they kind of unionized and kicked out the management. I remember in the dream being a bit worried that there would be reprisals toward me or the women, but that was all brushed aside and then I was just as convinced that everything was going to be OK.

So, there you go, more than you wanted of my subconscious mind. Your analysis is welcome.


* I rarely if ever dream about Joe (or recall them anyway) when he's around. I dream about him quite a bit when we're in separate states or something, but very infrequently when we're together.

** Imagine the Google hits that phrase is going to get me.


Chris said...

"** Imagine the Google hits that phrase is going to get me."

What an odd metaphysics it is to wonder how Google will perceive us.

Heidi said...

Too true.

Here ... this should get me more hits -- Britney Spears, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady