Christmas prep mode is in full swing here. Really the ready-to-get-ready stage.

The Christmas cards are all (mostly) made. Except for the ones that are supposed to have a photo in them. Mostly because we haven't decided if we are going to get everyone gathered and try to take a family portrait (Joe really needs a haircut before we could do that).

Starting to at least think about the Christmas letter. Like, I found the paper I bought post-season last year and have thought, "I guess I should write a Christmas letter."

I bought 100 Christmas stamps.

Sent out the invitations to our December 1 Cookie Exchange Party and have started thinking about the menu for it (as in I got out last year's menu and tried to remember what we had lots of leftovers of).

Pretty much done Christmas shopping, except for stocking stuffers.

Next weekend we decorate the house (though I'm hoping to get the lights up this weekend, since the weather is clear).

We've been playing Christmas music on my iPod for two weeks now.


ps. Yes, I know I'm a freak.

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