I'm No Emily Post

But, what happened to Good Old-Fashioned Manners???

In early September I sent out save-the-date cards for our 5th annual Christmas (cookie exchange) party. About ten days ago I sent out the actual invitations with an RSVP date of today.

Responses to date:
Yes: 2
No: 6
No response at all: 9

At this point I kind of want to cancel the whole thing. But I've already invested almost an hour calling and leaving messages along the lines of, "Just checking to see if you'll be coming to my party next week. I haven't heard back from you, and as you know ... it's a cookie exchange, so I need to know ahead of time how many people are participating. Of course, if you'd like to come without baking cookies, that's OK, too. Well, anyway call me back."

It sure would save me a lot of work this week if I cancel. But, it makes me sad that w got such lackluster response. Don't I have any real friends?


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